Compact 5.8GHz In-Ear Monitoring System - Choice of Type

Code: IEM58
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  • Licence-Free Digital 5.8GHz Band
  • Discreet Miniature Transmitter & Receiver
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Auto-Pairing on Power-Up
  • Supplied with In-Ear Monitoring Headphones
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Compact in-ear monitoring set for foldback of an audio track or stereo mix. Comprising a matching transmitter and receiver unit, both of which are rechargeable from USB. Audio is connected to the transmitter via 3.5mm stereo jack and the system is supplied with a pair of in-ear headphones to connect with the receiver. Operating on the licence-free 5.8GHz band, the 2 devices pair automatically on power-up and use a frequency-agile system to maintain the link. For groups of users listening to the same audio, additional receivers can be purchased and paired to the same transmitter to receive the same signal. If different audio is needed for users, up to 4 transmitters can be operated in proximity of each other, depending upon the wireless traffic in the area. Designed for accurate and convenient wire-free monitoring for stage performers, presenters and sound engineers.

Power Supply: 5Vdc USB (Charging Only)
Carrier Frequencies: 5.8GHz Digital Band
Charge Time: 2 hours (Transmitter or Receiver)
Operating Time: 5 hours (Max Fully Charged)
Range: Up to 30m (Line of Sight)
Dimensions: 65 x 35 x 20mm (Transmitter or Receiver)
Weight: 46g (Transmitter or Receiver)