Hill Audio 8 Way Headphone Amplifier

Code: RPH-8000
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  • 8 Independent Direct Inputs
  • 8 Individual Stereo Mixes from any Audio Source
  • Output Level Control
  • 2 Stereo Main Inputs for 2 Independent Mixes
  • 1 Front and Rear Jack Input per Channel
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An 8-way headphone amplifier will improve signal monitoring in studio or live sound applications. Each channel can be fed from one of the master inputs or a signal can be directly fed straight in. Each channel has a mono or stereo option, LED level display and a input 1 and 2 switch. The RPH-8000 uses high quality components so there will be no trouble powering 8 headphones. Whether for studio sessions or as a pre-mixer for in-ear monitoring, the RPH-8000 is an indispensable tool for recording and live sound professionals alike.

Input Impedance: 100 k Ohms
Max Input Level: +21dB
Dimensions: 483 x 44.5 x 170mm
Weight: 2.72Kg