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Choosing the correct catch can improve the usefulness of a flight case or box and ensure the contents remain secure. The catches shown in the section are designed for professional flight-cases and boxes.

If you are making or repairing a flight case, butterfly catches are often the best option. If it is a repair job you may have to be a little flexible about fitting sizes, since the number of types is staggering, although they are often very similar fitting sizes. You may have to make small adjustments to your case to get a replacement catch to fit. For new flight case builds, you can consider using surface mounting butterfly catches. These are easier to fit if you have limited machining equipment, but still mate together well and have a positive locking mechanism.

Draw bolts are another style of catch that gives a good firm lock down and these come in several sizes. They are generally surface mounted and are really easy to fit on to both cases or boxes. You can use wood screws, long pop rivets or small nuts and bolts to fit these in place.

 With fixings in mind, be careful of using wood or chipboard screws for securing the catch, as these have a habit of working loose and finally falling out if the flight case is in constant use. Most professional case manufacturers use rivets and place a washer over the rear of the rivet, this is so it doesn't pull into the wood or board.

Along with catches you will find a wide range of hardware for the manufacturing and repair of flight cases, please see the Hardware & Accessory section of the website or contact us for assistance.