Stainless Steel Twin External Wall Light GU10 240V

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  • 240V Garden Wall Light
  • Twin Beam
  • GU10 Fitting
  • Supplied in Stainless Steel
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This wall light is suitable for mounting next to front or back doors and near to sheds, garages and carports etc. as a functional light. This light works on 240V. Before installing this product, always make sure you turn off the electricity using the mains switch! Please remember that stainless steel is not a maintenance free product and that you need to clean the lights every 6 months to prevent discolouration.

Mains Input: 240V
Wattage: 35W
Lamp: GU10
Beam Angle: 38 Degrees
Dimensions: 165 x 88 x 95mm
Weight: 710g