Vertical Smoke Machine With Wireless Remote, DMX Control & LED Lighting

Code: PFX900V
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  • Powerful Vertical Fog Output
  • Vertical Blast of Around 6m
  • Red, Green, Blue LEDs
  • Six 3w Tri LED's
  • DMX Controllable, 5 Channel Control
  • Wireless Remote Controllable
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A small but powerful vertical fogger. The Jet Blaster 900 jets a powerful blast of smoke into the air up to 6 meters high, it offers a similar effect to CO2 cannons, especially when used with vapour smoke liquid. The in-built RGB LED's offer an even greater impact to the effect, lighting the smoke jet in colour. Red, green and blue colours one can be produced, one at a time. Supplied with a wireless remote that can work up to 25 metres away, this has 4 buttons for red, green, blue and colour changing control whilst blasting a jet of smoke. The user can take full control with a 5 channel DMX controller. This vertical fog machine can be used in different ways, on the floor, or the user can hang this unit, this is done by removing 2 metal plates and turning the liquid tank over, on the bottom there are three M8 threaded holes for truss clamps or the supplied eye bolts. Hang the unit upside and using the vapour liquid for a great CO2 like impact effect for any show or club environment.

Mains Supply: 230Vac 50Hz
Power Consumption: 950 Watts
Heat Up Time: 4 min
Liquid Consumption Rate: Approx 230ml/min
Dimensions: 340 x 250 x 130mm
Weight: 6.5Kg