COB Blinder 2 x 100W

Code: BLIND200
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  • Two 100W White LEDs
  • Each Lamp can be Independently Controlled
  • 3 DMX Channel Modes
  • Static and Master/Slave Modes
  • Can be Used as a Strobe
  • Lock Function to Avoid Setting Changes
  • 3 or 5 Pin DMX Connections
  • PowerCon Inputs and Outputs
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The LED BLINDER is a versatile lighting device designed for use in effect lighting and light shows. It features two white 100W COB LED projectors that can be controlled independently, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects. The device has three DMX control modes, including 1 channel, 2 channel, or 4 channel, as well as a static mode with dimming and strobe effects. The LED BLINDER also offers a master/slave mode and variable strobe function, which can be used as an LED strobe. The device has selectable lamp behaviour, with the option of a halogen lamp (slow) or LED (fast). Additionally, there are four dimmer curves to choose from, including linear, square, inverse square, and S-curve. In case of DMX failure, the LED BLINDER offers a choice between blackout and freeze mode, and has a lock function to prevent unwanted changes to the settings. The device has a beam angle of 60° and a colour temperature of 3200K. However, it should be noted that the device is not designed for long-term use as a lighting fixture.

Mains Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 235W
LED: 2 x 100W COB
Beam Angle: 60 Degrees
DMX Channels: 1, 2 or 3
Dimensions: 440 x 144 x 355mm
Weight: 4.5Kg