Clamp-on Cup Holder for Microphone & Music Stands

Code: BB-001
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  • Clamp on Drinks Holder for Stands
  • Fits Most Style Stands 10-35mm Rubber Coated Crocodile Clamp Eliminates Damage
  • Tough Plastic Construction
  • Fits Glass and Paper Cups up to 70mm
£10.95 inc VAT

A useful accessory for singers and performers: a robust, clamp-on cup holder designed to effortlessly attach to microphone stands, music stands, and more. Crafted for durability, this holder uses a versatile crocodile clip that adapts seamlessly to poles ranging from 10mm to 35mm, offering a snug fit whether positioned vertically, horizontally, or any angle in between.

Unlike other clamps, this innovative design ensures a secure attachment without harming your stand, thanks to its durable rubber finish. The reliable tightening knob locks the clamp firmly in place, eliminating any movement or slippage during performances. Crafted from toughened plastic, this holder is built to endure the rigors of life on the road.

With its adaptable nature, this clip-on cup holder accommodates an array of stands, including drum stands, speaker stands, music stands, microphone stands, and even square tubes, delivering exceptional versatility. Its generous capacity allows for cups with a maximum diameter of 70mm, catering of various drink sizes.

Stay refreshed while performing, knowing your beverage is securely held by a dependable, adaptable, and resilient cup holder designed to meet the demands of entertainers everywhere.

Max Cup Diameter: 70mm
Pole Size: 10-35mm
Dimensions: 100 x 160 x 95mm
Weight: 160g