DMX Splitter 2 Way with 3 Pin DMX Sockets

Code: SPLIT12
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  • DMX Splitter with 1 Input and 2 Output
  • 3 Pin XLR Sockets
  • PowerCon Power In
  • LED Light for Each Output
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This 2 way DMX Booster and splitter has one input, and two electrically opto isolated outputs. Both DMX input and outputs are 3 pin XLR sockets making it compatible with most types of lighting. This splitter is ideally used for splitting the signals, rather than using one long chain of lights. If one line has a fault it will not effect the line, so whole lighting system does not go down. This splitter is powered via a Powercon and has plenty of mounting holes for wall mounting and holes for different sized clamp bolts. There are 3 LEDs, one power LED and LEDS for each of the DMX output channels.

Power Supply: 88-256Vac 50/60Hz
DMX Output: 3 Pin XLR
Dimensions: 182 x 108 x 45mm
Weight: 0.65Kg