DMX Splitter 2 Way True1 and 5pin DMX

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  • Divides any DMX Chain into 2 Separate Lines that will not Interfere with each Other
  • Maximum Security thanks to Complete Galvanic Isolation between all DMX In/Outputs
  • Booster Function
  • Compatible with any Standard Truss Clamp with M10 Thread
  • 5 Pin DMX & Powercon True1 Connections
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This DMX splitter is a compact and reliable solution for dividing a DMX chain into two separate lines, each with DMX 5pin and 16A PowerCON TRUE1-compliant Seetronic® connectors. The splitter provides complete galvanic isolation between all DMX in/outputs, ensuring that any problems on one line will not interfere with the other. The device is 100% RDM compatible for bidirectional DMX communication, and the booster function makes your DMX installation more reliable and flexible to set up. This splitter is specially designed for professionals, with a small size that can be hidden anywhere, very robust construction for rental applications, and the ability to be fitted with any standard truss clamp with M10 thread for easy truss installation. Features power and signal present indicators, as well as an internal power supply that supports 100-240Vac.This DMX splitter features one input with DMX 5pin and DMX pass-through capabilities, as well as a 16A PowerCON TRUE1-compliant Seetronic® connector. The splitter also has two outputs, each with DMX 5pin and 16A PowerCON TRUE1-compliant Seetronic® connectors. In addition, the device has power and signal present indicators to help you quickly identify any issues with your DMX installation.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac
Power Consumption: 1W
DMX Input: 5 Pin
DMX Output: 5 Pin
Dimensions: 140 x 145 x 50mm
Weight: 750g