19" DMX Merger/Splitter

Code: DMS19
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  • Split & Merge DMX Signals
  • 2 Inputs & 6 Outputs
  • 3 Pin & 5 Pin XLR Inputs/Outputs
  • Complete Line Isolation
  • 1U Rackmountable
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A must have piece of kit for any installation where multiple DMX lines are being run or a DMX splitter is required. The DMS19 offers 6 isolated DMX outputs in either 3 or 5 pin configurations and 2 DMX inputs also in 3 or 5 pin configurations. This merger/splitter unit has several different working modes which include HTP (Highest takes priority) mode, backup mode and merge mode. HTP mode allows the highest DMX value from either DMX input to take order. Backup mode adds extra safeguarding against a failure from the control aspect where should the control on input 'A' fail, input 'B' will become active and take over. Merge mode allows the user to combine two control options and send down one DMX line/output.

Mains Supply: 240v
DMX Output: 3 Pin & 5 Pin XLR
Unit Size: 1u
Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 150mm
Weight: 2.9Kg