Sweetlight Touchscreen Interface & Laptop Package

Code: SLKIT3
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  • High Grade Laptop
  • Fully Optimised
  • 512 DMX Channels
  • 21.5" Touch Screen
  • Wireless DMX Kit Included
£1395.00 inc VAT

A Professional digital lighting system that comprises of a 512 DMX channel control interface running Sweetlight lighting software and a high spec laptop. The laptop comes pre-loaded with a full version Sweetlight lighting software out the box and can handle media integration if necessary. Simply connect the robust Sweetlight interface to the laptop via USB and open up the software to start taking control of any DMX controllable lighting fixture. Also included is a HD external touchscreen that connects to the laptop via the supplied HDMI lead to give the user an extended screen showing easily selectable pre-saved cues and scenes activated by a single touch. Finally, a wireless DMX sender/receiver kit is included which will establish a completely wireless connection between the USB interface and the first light in the DMX chain. This gives the user great flexibility as the lighting operator doesn't have to be based in one location only. Additional wireless receivers can be purchased if more than 1 lighting bar is present. This kit is suitable for fixed installations in nightclubs, bars/pubs, theatres and educational establishments.

DMX Channels: 512
Controllable Fixtures: Unlimited