Sweetlight Lighting Control Rack and Laptop Flightcase Package

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  • DMX Interface and Laptop Package
  • Includes Sweetlight Rack
  • Laptop and 16 Preset Control
  • Flightcased and Ready to Use
  • Rack draw to keep cables and Laptop Safe
  • Wireless Control to the First DMX Light
£1195.00 inc VAT

A Professional digital lighting system that comprises of a 512 DMX channel control interface running the popular Sweetlight lighting software. Included in this set is the Sweetlight rack, laptop, flight case, rack draw and all the suitable connecting leads. This set is designed for installation where the users have different abilities, the more experienced user can take full control of the software via the laptop and any DMX lighting beginners can select from one of the 16 pre-sets to activate scenes. The laptop comes pre-loaded with a full version Sweetlight lighting software out the box and the system comes flight cased, wired and ready to use. Finally, a wireless DMX sender/receiver kit is included which will establish a completely wireless connection between the sweetlight interface and the first light in the DMX chain. This gives the user great flexibility as the lighting operator doesn't have to be based in one location only. Additional wireless receivers can be purchased if more than 1 lighting bar is present.

The Sweetlight rack interface allows you to use the Sweetlight lighting software with 512 DMX channels. The software can be used for a multitude of applications, whilst the programming and controlling of lights is quick & easy to set up.

Stage designers can select buttons for pan/tilt movements, stack colour/gobos pre-sets, adjusts speed faders and dimmers and drive all buttons and sliders from any suitable midi device. Theatre engineers can select a scene from a list, select the next scene with the "GO" button and adjust fade in and out times easily. Scenes are easily re-organised whilst another is playing. Nightclubs & evening venues can utilise the software with just a few “Macro” buttons, which allow a DJ to trigger, in one click, several scene buttons simultaneously (they can also be triggered randomly or in chase), the result being an amazing lightshow for a long period of time! For mobile DJs & entertainers, they can memorise the key pan/tilt positions for fixtures as “palettes”, then simply build scenes with these "palettes". You can then just update the palettes in the software and the lightshow will be ready for the next stage/ performance.

Using the software is straightforward. The user can pick a fixture from the built-in library or create your own. You can adjust channel level & fade modes across a group of fixtures or stack steps to build a chase. Complex pan and tilt movements are created with the generator function. Use the live screen to organise all your scenes and chases. The live screen is customisable to suit the users needs. The user can synchronize light shows with light and audio files.

This kit is suitable for fixed installations in nightclubs, bars/pubs, theatres and educational establishments.