Accessory Shelf Bracket (1Pair)

Availability: Expected Soon
  • Shelf Support Kit for External Equipment
  • For use with SDXBOOTH & other Stands
  • Suitable for Laptops, Controllers or Equipment up to 10Kg
  • Clamps Fits Rectangular Tube 10mm-25mm
  • Three Adjustable Depths
£29.95 inc VAT

A shelf bracket suitable for the SDX Booth and most other DJ stands. The SDX Shelf support kit is suitable for laptops, midi controllers, lighting desks and other DJ equipment. The attached clamp fits rectangular tubes with diameters of 10mm to 25mm making this bracket very versatile. Three adjustable depths and a maximum weight of up to 10Kg makes this bit of kit great for the working mobile DJ who need quick and simple solutions to raise equipment up from the working height of a stand or booth.

Height: 290mnm
Depth: 305mm
Load Capacity: 10Kg
Weight: 0.93Kg