Converter For Old Dimmers to LED Lighting Control – Rack and Wall Mount

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  • Switching Pack For LED Lighting
  • Replace Old Dimmer Packs
  • 12 15amp Sockets
  • Switched in Pairs
  • 2 x 16amp C RCBO
  • 20mm Gland Input
£515.00 inc VAT

A useful convertor for installers and electricians. Use this unit to convert conventional dimmers that dim halogen lights, to a unit that supply's a constant mains supply for LED lights. This unit can replace Zero88 Beta packs that have been wall mounted or rack mounted and use 15 amp patch flying leads, this reduces time and money in having to replace old lighting bars and patch bays. This unit has twelve 15 amp sockets split over two 16amp C type RCBO breakers. Each pair of sockets can be switched on and off independently. This is a handy distribution unit to easily convert old dimmer packs to a LED suitable unit using the existing 32 amp supply. Different configurations and breakers can be provided on request.