Solar LED Crackle Tea Lantern

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  • Solar Garden Tea Lantern
  • Crackle Glass
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This ecologically friendly solar light is suitable for hanging from trees and bushes or for placing on garden tables, posts or patios. The lights have an on/off switch and an integrated solar panel. This decorative lantern will charge up through the day using energy from the sun to provide up to 8 hours of light. Once dusk falls, the light will automatically turn on and will turn off at dawn.

Decorate your garden even in remote areas by hanging these lights anywhere in the sun and banish wires from the garden. They are particularly suitable for use in remote areas and provides sufficient light to mark entrances and accent walkways and steps.

Batteries: 1 x NimH 2/3AA 250 mAh 1,2VV
Dimensions: 125 x 110 x 110mm
Weight: 394g