Stadium Burst Confetti Cannon Machine

Availability: Expected Soon
  • Continuous Flow Confetti Blower
  • Ideal for Large Events
  • Shoot both Tissue or Metallic Confetti to a Height of 30m
  • No Co2 is Required
  • Easy to Load
£2262.00 inc VAT

Stadium Blast is a continuous flow confetti blower for use at major sporting events, clubs, parades, product launches, and many other special events. With the ability to shoot both tissue or metallic confetti to a height of 30m, you can fill almost any venue. No Co2 is required which makes the unit extremely versatile and simple to use. Just open the hatch, add handfuls of confetti, and fill the sky or venue.

Power Supply: 415V ac (Fitted with 16A 3P+N+E Plug)
Power Consumption: 2300W
Confetti Output Time: 90s
Max Output Height at 90°: 20m
Max Output Distance at 45°: 30m
Dimensions: 940 x 870 x 530mm
Weight: 114Kg