Cable Reel with Metal Frame Suitable for a Wide Range of Cables

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  • Adaptable Cable Reel
  • Removable Blanking Plate
  • Suitable For Most Connectors
  • Impact Resistant Plastic Reel
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This is a sturdy cable reel, with a metal stand and handle. The handle is rubber coated for a comfy grip. The reel itself is made from a very robust plastic and can be easily spun by griping one of the 3 small handles around the edge. A 15mm hole can be found inside the reel so you can feed one end of the cable through the metal blanking plate. The blanking plate can be removed by 3 screws and sockets can be fitted to this if required.


Primarily designed for audio microphone cable the REEL, can be used for many types, speaker, AV, data and mains cable to name a few. Really any cable up to about 14mm in diameter. Remember when using mains cable always unroll the whole reel when powering up to remove any danger from heat build-up caused by coiled cable.


Capacity depends on outside cable diameter: 6.5mm = 100M, 8mm = 75M, 10mm = 55M, 12mm = 35M, 14mm = 25M. These are all approximate and will depend on how neatly you roll the cable on the reel.

Spool Diameter: 280mm
Spool Width: 120mm