Cable Protector Ramp 50 x 900 x 345mm - 3 Cable Channels

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  • 3 Channel Rubber Cable Protector
  • Channel Dimensions 33x35mm
  • Max Load (Per Tyre) 5000KG
  • Measures 50x900x345mm
  • Protects Cables in Light Traffic or Pedestrian Areas
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A cable protection ramp with 3 channels designed for use in the event market to protect cable runs from light road traffic, or from pedestrian traffic reducing the risk of trips and falls.

The ramp is manufactured from durable virgin rubber and feature flexible, yellow lids protecting the cables inside while remaining visible in darkened environments. The ramps are deployed first and the cables placed inside once the ramps are in place, ideal for concert venues, exhibitions and outdoor events. Multiple units can be combined for a bespoke system.

Channel dimensions: 33 x 35mm
Max load: 5000kg (per tyre)

Channel Dimensions: 33 x 35mm
Max Load: 5000Kg (Per Tyre)
Dimensions: 50 x 900 x 345mm
Weight: 12.2Kg