Portable Bubble Machine With Battery Powered Low Noise High Output Fan

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  • Portable High Output Bubble Machine
  • Battery Powered
  • Durable Plastic Casing
  • Large Fan
  • Wired On/Off Remote
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A portable battery powered bubble machine is the perfect solution for the mobile entertainer. A high power fan makes sure the bubbles reach mesmerizing heights and hundreds of bubbles are produced every minute! The liquid tank can hold 1Ltr of fluid and accepts most fluids on the market today. A wired on/off remote makes operating the Bubbletron a simple and easy task and runs continuously for approximately 5 hours. Lightweight and easy to transport with a robust case makes the Bubbletron the number one effect machine to own!

Tank Capacity: 1 Litre
Dimensions: 425 x 250 x 197mm
Weight: 2Kg