Behringer CX3400 Super X Pro Crossover

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  • 2/3 Way stereo crossover
  • 4 Way mono crossover
  • Limiters for each output
  • XLR Inputs and outputs
  • Mute switches for each channel
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The CX3400 is a 2/3 way stereo or 4 way mono electronic crossover. For the best results when setting up your speaker system it is always a good way to split your base and mid top cabinets onto separate amplifiers. This allows you to adjust volumes separately and stops one amplifier from trying to deliver the whole audio spectrum. The Behringer CX3400 uses Linkwitz-Riley filters and has individual limiters on each output to help protect expensive speaker drivers from being overdriven. Other features include CD horn equalisation, low frequency sum button, phase reverse switches, XLR input/output and illuminated switches for adjusting in the dark.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 520 x 305 x 105mm