Stereo RCA- Phono Link Cables - Various Lengths Available

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These Cobra Phono/RCA link cables are designed for audio connectivity, catering primarily to hi-fi systems, audio equipment, and AV products. The cables are constructed using oxygen-free copper (OFC), a material known for its high conductivity and reduced oxygen content, which minimizes oxidation and corrosion over time. This results in improved signal clarity and longevity of the cable.
These are dual or stereo configuration leads, so suitable for most types of audio equipment. The use of OFC in a stereo configuration aids in maintaining the integrity of the stereo sound image and minimizing signal loss or interference.
The build of the cable is robust, with a strong yet flexible outer sheath. This flexibility is advantageous in home audio and studio setups, allowing for easy routing of cables in tight spaces or around corners without compromising the cable's integrity. The connectors at each end of the cable are moulded, which provides a durable and secure connection to audio devices. Moulded connectors are less prone to damage and wear compared to standard connectors, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance.