Stage Snake & Box 24 Inputs 4 Outputs Coded Metal XLRs 30m Lead

Code: CM030
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  • 24 Input Stage Snake
  • 4 Outputs
  • Metal Stage Box
  • High Quality Locking Female XLR Connectors
  • Metal Male XLR Flying Tails
  • 30m Long
  • Number Idents on Free Ends
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Metre Length
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Introducing the Stage Snake by Cobra Cables—a powerhouse solution for your audio connectivity needs. Boasting 24 inputs and 4 outputs, this stage snake is engineered to handle the demands of complex audio setups, providing a seamless link between your instruments and equipment. With a generous cable length of 30 metres, the Stage Snake offers extensive reach to accommodate various stage configurations.

Crafted for durability, the stage snake features robust metal connectors on both the free cable and the box, ensuring a secure and reliable connection in any performance scenario. The female box connectors are equipped with a locking tab, providing an extra layer of stability during live performances.

Flexibility is key, and the Stage Snake delivers with its soft and flexible cable design, allowing for easy maneouvering and setup adjustments without sacrificing signal integrity. For enhanced organization, number idents are strategically placed on the free ends, streamlining your setup process and ensuring clarity in complex audio configurations.

Weight: 21Kg