Microphone Snake - Roll Up Lead On Reel 50m 2 Inputs

Code: CM050-50
Availability: Expected Soon
  • 50m Microphone Snake Lead
  • Supplied on a Reel
  • 4 Female XLR Connectors
  • 2 Male XLR Connectors
  • All Connectors are Metal
  • Idents on Free Ends
£62.00 inc VAT

Introducing the Dual Balanced Microphone or Signal Cable—an exceptional solution meticulously designed for unparalleled audio quality. This cable boasts four female connectors seamlessly integrated into the drum body, connected in parallel pairs to ensure optimal signal integrity and redundancy.

Engineered for reliability and versatility, the free ends of the cable feature sturdy metal male connectors, each thoughtfully adorned with ident tags for quick and efficient identification. This streamlined design enhances your setup process, offering clarity and ease in complex audio configurations.

With an impressive lead length of 50 metres, the Dual Balanced Cable provides extensive reach, accommodating even the most expansive drum setups.

Weight: 5.2kg