Microphone Snake - Roll Up Lead On Reel 25m 4 Inputs

Code: CM060-25
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  • 25m Microphone Snake Lead
  • Supplied on a Reel
  • 4 Locking Female XLR Connectors
  • 4 Male XLR Connectors
  • All Connectors are Metal
  • Idents on Free Ends
£69.00 inc VAT

Introducing the Quad Balanced Microphone or Signal Cable—a cutting-edge solution designed for superior audio quality and reliability, especially in dynamic drum setups. This cable features four locking female connectors expertly fitted to the drum body, ensuring a secure and stable connection in any performance environment.

Crafted with precision, the free ends of the cable are equipped with robust metal male connectors, delivering optimal signal transmission and durability. Each connector is thoughtfully fitted with identifying tags, streamlining your setup process and providing clarity in complex audio configurations.

Weight: 5.4kg