Jack To Jack Mono 4 Way Loom Patch Lead 3m

Code: CP160
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  • 4 Way 1/4" Mono Jack to 1/4" Mono Jack Loom
  • Each Connector is Colour Coded
  • 3m Long
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A 4-way mono jack-to-jack patch cable, designed for audio interconnections. The cable is 3 meters long, providing ample length for connecting equipment that might be spaced further apart. The connectors on both ends of each cable are standard mono jacks, suitable for carrying single-channel (mono) audio signals.
The inclusion of indent sleeves on all connectors makes it easy to quickly identify and match connections, especially useful in complex audio setups where multiple cables are used.
The neat 4-way configuration makes the bundled cable useful in studios, live sound environments, and with electronic music equipment where multiple mono connections are required.