Jack Patch Leads Mono 1/4" - Pack of Six 600mm Long Six Colours Supplied

Code: CP000-006
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  • 1/4" Mono Jack to 1/4" Mono Jack Patch Leads
  • Pack of Six
  • 6 Different Colours
  • 600mm Long
£8.45 inc VAT

This set of six coloured patch leads features high-quality 1/4" mono jack plugs and boasts a generous length of 600mm. Designed for versatile use, these patch leads are the perfect solution for a variety of applications, whether in the studio, on stage, or at home. Whether you're recording music, performing live, or simply need a reliable way to connect your gear, these leads offer the durability and performance you need.
Crafted from top-quality materials, these leads are designed to deliver clear, interference-free signal transmission, ensuring that your audio always sounds its best. Their vibrant colours make it easy to keep your cables organised and identified, so you can work more efficiently and avoid confusion.
So if you're looking for a set of high-quality lead performance and versatility you need, look no further than this set of six coloured patch leads with 1/4" mono jack plugs.