Neutrik NL4FXX-W-L SpeakON 4 Pole Connector 10-16mm

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  • Easy to Assemble because the Strain Relief Locks with the Insert Mechanically and Aligns with the Housing
  • Ergonomic Design with Slip-Proof Two-Component Molded Housing
  • Unique Neutrik Locking Bushing and Strain Relief for Cable Diameters 10mm to 16mm
  • Easy and Reliable Twist Lock System
  • Improved Kink Protection by Two-Component Bushing
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4 Pole speakON cable connector, screw terminal assembly, chuck type strain relief for cable diameters 10 to 16 mm

SpeakON connectors are the industry standard for loudspeaker connections. This product series offers extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a proven twist lock system. SpeakON cable connectors feature solid contacts with screw-type terminals including a stranded wire protection.

A Torx screwdriver is required to tighten the terminals.

Cable Diameter: 10-16mm
Terminals: Screw Type