Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape 5m - Choice of Colour

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  • Glow in the Dark Tape
  • Helps to Illuminate a Specific Area to Improve Visibility in Dark Areas
  • Ideal for Places like Stairs and Other Slippery Surfaces
  • Abrasive Grip for Additional Surface Traction
  • Easy to Use and Cut
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Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape helps prevent the risk of slips, trips, and falls where slippery surface conditions may occur such as stairs, steps, corridors, ramps, vehicle steps, emergency exits ladders, scaffolding; in fact the list is endless. The tape is luminescent which is charged either by natural or artificial light and will glow once the light source has been removed. The non-slip surface and glow in the dark properties make this tape the ideal solution for preventing slips and falls in dark areas. Supplied in a 5 metre length.

Dimensions: 117mm x 5m