19-Inch Rack Protection Panel With Lock

Code: PPLU
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  • Locking Panel Security
  • 19 Inch Panel Width
  • Clears Most Panel Controls
  • Panel Writing Can Still Be Seen
  • Prevents Unwanted Adjustment
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A range of locking security panels that will fit over 19" equipment mounted in a rack. The front panel is clear, so that settings & readings can still be seen, but can't be changed without a key.

Material: Steel
PPLU-1, 1U, 44 x 482 x 40mm
PPLU-2, 2U, 88 x 482 x 40mm
PPLU-3, 3U, 132 x 482 x 40mm
PPLU-4, 4U, 176 x 482 x 40mm