19" Rack Cable Entry Plate with Brush Strips 1U

Code: CLS-173
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  • Handy Cable Entry Solution
  • Fits Standard Rack Cases
  • Cables are Protected
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This Panel is made to fit standard 19-inch racks, this unit occupies a single rack unit (1U) in height, making it both compact and efficient for organizing cables within a rack system. The panel features a central slot specifically engineered to facilitate the easy insertion and routing of cables. This slot is not merely an opening but is enhanced with brushes positioned at the top and bottom. These brushes serve a dual purpose: First, they protect the cables from abrasion and potential damage as they are fed through the panel, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the cables. Secondly, the brushes act as a barrier to dust and debris, maintaining a cleaner environment within the rack. This design detail underscores the panel's utility in not only managing cables but also in safeguarding them against physical damage and environmental contaminants. Ideal for data centres, audio/video setups, and IT environments, this 1U rack panel is an essential component for any system requiring organized cable management and protection.

Material: Steel
Dimensions: 482 x 44mm