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Well known across Europe, JB Systems bring reliable, affordable audio and lighting products to the DJ and entertainment market.   What sets JB Systems apart from other brands is their unique product range.  We have found the brand to be a real favourite for mobile DJ’s and entertainers.  

The lighting range from JB Systems is extensive and among one of our most popular product groups.  Nearly all of the JB Systems effects lights are on demo at our store in Essex, so potential customers can see just how good the products are for themselves.  Added to this, JB Systems have a good presence on YouTube (most videos are also available on our channel or from within the product pages on our website).

On the audio side, JB Systems amplifiers are a favourite of Terralec’s and have been used in many an installation, simply because of their reliability! Our technical department champion the amplifiers to be one of the most reliable they have ever come across (and they have come across a lot).   The audio range now includes many media players and DJ Controllers, so again an extensive range which is accessible for most budgets.

If you can’t find a specific JB Systems product on our site then we will certainly be able to get it for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or for further information.