Audio Mixers

Hill Audio 5 Channel Studio Mixer
Code: LMD502
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Hill Audio 6 Channel Studio Mixer
Code: LMD802
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£66.00 inc VAT
£153.43 inc VAT
Hill Audio 12 Channel Stage Mixer
Code: LMD1202FX
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£112.00 inc VAT
£264.00 inc VAT
Hill Audio LMD1402FX 10 Channel Stage Mixer
Code: LMD1402FX
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£148.00 inc VAT
£323.00 inc VAT
VIVO16 16 Channel Mixing Desk MK2
Code: VIVO16
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£378.00 inc VAT
VIVO20 20 Channel Mixing Desk
Code: VIVO20
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£398.00 inc VAT
Citronic CDM8:4 USB Mixer
Code: CDM8-4
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£175.00 inc VAT

Audio Mixer Information:

A DJ mixer is an important part of any entertainer's equipment. Basically it is the hub for connecting all your audio equipment together. Turntables, CD players, microphones, headphones and amplifiers all run through the audio mixer, so it is important to get this vital piece of kit right.

For some DJ's and entertainers the mixer is the tool they use to seamlessly mix from track to track creating their own unique version or sound. For others the mixer is simply a source from amp to music output enabling them to control their sounds.

DJ Mixer Features & Technical Specifications:

It is important to have a clear understanding of what features you will require and what outputs etc will be needed before you choose your DJ mixer. You can contact our technical or sales department for further advice.