Audio Amplifiers

American Audio Amplifier 2 x 750 Watts

Code: VLP-1500
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American Audio Amplifier 2 x 1200 Watts

Code: VLP-2500
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Now £328.00 inc VAT

Synq Digital Amplifier 2 x 500 Watts

Code: DIG1K0
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Synq Digital Amplifier 2 x 1100 Watts

Code: DIG2K2
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£532.00 inc VAT
£124.95 inc VAT

100 Volt Amplifier, 5 x 60 watt Outputs

Code: AMAD-5X60
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100 Volt 60 Watt Slave Amplifier

Code: AMAD-60
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£149.95 inc VAT

Zone Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth.

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£436.05 inc VAT

Audio Amplifier Information & Advice:

Audio amplifiers are obviously an important piece of any audio system setup. We have provided some brief information that may assist you in choosing the right amplifier for your application.

Amplifier Power Ratings:

Audio amplifier power ratings can be very misleading. Peak power or music power outputs are not good guides to amplifier performance, it is more important to pay attention to the specifications and look for the R.M.S output of the individual amp. The power output of amplifiers will often differ dependant upon on the loudspeaker load. Most modern amplifiers will happily work into 4 or 8 ohm loads (many larger types are sufficient for 2 Ohms also).

Getting The Best From Your Audio Amplifier:

To achieve the best results from your amplifier always match the amp power to the loudspeaker system. In addition for quality sound and efficiency use high quality connecting cables between your amplifier and speakers and keep the speakers as close to the amp as possible. For input connections i.e connecting your audio amplifier to your mixer, use screened cables. Terralec offer a great range of cables and leads for such set up's. Please visit our cable section for more information.

It is important that all audio amplifiers are installed in an area that is well ventilated, especially if they are rack mounted or in any kind of housing. A fan can often be fitted to assist with cooling in these circumstances.

For technical queries, please mail