Aluminium Truss 32-50mm

Wall Base With Ring
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Adjustable Wall Support For Quad290
Code: PMA290
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Heavy Steel Base Aluminium 239 Truss
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Base For Quatro Trussing
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Conical Fixing Kit For Quatro
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Aluminium Trussing TRIO 290 2-Way Vertical Corner
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We can supply aluminium trussing with a variety of cross sections, with the standard type having 239mm between centres. The aluminium trussing is available in three styles DUO, TRIO and QUATRO. The TRIO style is then divided into two groups the standard TRIO 290 or the smaller DECO 220 (which unlike the others is 220mm between centres). The DECO 220 aluminium truss is still a structural trussing, but for reduced loads.

All styles of the aluminium trussing fit together with cone couplers, these push into the bar ends and are retained with locking taper pins. Please remember that each length is supplied with 1 fixing kit, additional fixing kits may be required for the set up of complete systems.

Should you require advice on what pieces will be required for your particular design, please email or fax us a quick sketch and a member of our sales team will be happy to work it out for you.

3 metre lengths of aluminium trussing and large quantities require specialist carriage arrangements and additional carriage charges may apply. Please speak to a member of our sales team for a quotation