School Stage Lighting Set.

Code: SLS-028
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  • 8 Flat LED Par Can Set
  • Supplied With All The Necessary Components
  • 24 Channel Controller & Flightcase
  • Two Adjustable Height Stands
  • Very Bright Output for Spots & Washes
  • RGB Tri LEDs
  • Light Can Be Used Off the Stands
£1265.00 inc VAT

A portable stage lighting system for schools, drama groups and bands. Each bar has four flat RGB LED par cans.
The lights in this kit can create spots individually or point them in the same direction to wash your stage with colour. The kit itself is simple to set up and requires very little storage space, making it ideal for multi-use halls where a permanent installation is not possible. Each light is controlled as a pair, so when spot one is red on stand one the corresponding fixture will be lit red on stand two.
Each flat par can has 9 RGB tri LED's which create a very bright beam that compares to a 500w conventional lamp but without the heat output and high power usage.
The colour mixing is very good with a smooth fade between colours using the very latest LED technology which allows better colour selection.
Scenes and chases can be stored easily in the controllers memory and no deep technical knowledge is required. The lights can be taken off the stand and use on the floor with or with out the supplied DMX controller. This makes this kit very useful for multiple applications.
This kit is supplied with all the required cables and a flightcase to protect the controller.

Power Consumption: 320w Max