Large School Stage Lighting Set.

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  • 8 Powerful Lights
  • Controller & Stand.
  • High Power RGBW & WW LED Par Cans
  • Can be Hung or Floor Mounted
  • Great for School or Theatrical Productions
  • Supplied with 24 Channel DMX Desk
  • Stands & all Leads are Included
£1935.00 inc VAT

A powerful LED lighting kit aimed at medium to large size applications especially aimed at theatrical groups and schools. This kit benefits from four 4 colour (RGBW) LED par cans for general colour washing, four amber/white LED par cans for creating warm natural tones and all peripherals including cabling, stands and a lighting desk. The RGBW cans feature 18x10w LEDs making them plenty bright enough for medium to long distances whilst the white LED fixtures house 36x3w LEDs providing enough punch to cover most performing areas. This kit is intended to be DMX'd with each lighting stand mirroring one another.

Power Consumption: 840w