Stage Lighting Set With Wired LED T Bar, Stand & Controller

Code: SLS-016
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  • 4 Par Can Set
  • Includes All Necessary Cables and Stands
  • 15 Degree & 100 Degree Angle
  • Colour Mixing
  • Scenes Can Be Stored
  • Supplied with Protective Cases
£468.00 inc VAT

Complete stage lighting set including 4 flat par cans on a bar, lighting stand, DMX controller and equipment cases.
An easy system to get to grips with and setup takes no time at all.
Using the latest COB LEDs for greater colour mixing. Each flat par can has a removable lense so the beam angle can be changed from 15 degrees to 100 degrees, making the bar versatile for spots or washes.
Each par is individually controllable, and can mix most colours.
The controller allows for scenes and chases to be stored.
A good set for small theatre stages, dance classes and for touring performers and musicians.

Power Consumption: 120w