Hill Audio SMA1220 Powered 12" Speaker

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  • 12" Powered Cabinet
  • 250 Watt Class D Low Amp
  • 50 Watt Class AB High Amp
  • 3 Channel Mixer System
  • Line & Mic Inputs
  • Frequency Response Adjustments
  • Parallel, Link & Sub Outputs
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The Andante SMA1220 is a powered 12 inch full range cabinet made from a tough impact resistant material that has a lightweight design with flexibility to suit many applications. A hybrid 300 watt bi-amped amplifier with switch mode power supply, 12" driver and a 1.35" compression tweeter give a punchy sound normally found in much larger cabinets. Designed in the UK by Hill Audio who have combined their many skills from the Dj and MI industry into one cabinet. A unique analogue input section has been designed so this cabinet can be used for many playback purposes. The SMA1220 can be used for DJ sets as the main PA or in bigger sets as a powerful monitor speaker. Live vocalists and musicians will like the warm sound produced when they are used as a front of house PA, or the cabinet can be flipped onto its side and used as a vocal or drum monitor. The lightweight design means they can be transported easily for speech presentations or aerobic classes and they have an easy to use 3 channel mixer. Channel one can be used for a Mic or line input with direct link output and high pass filter. Channel 2 has a choice of a 3.5mm jack or RCA/phono line input. Channel 3 has a left and right 1/4" jack input. The frequency response can be adjusted in the sound section with 2 tone controls, switches for flat, music, speech adjustment and a switch to cut out the bass frequencies when used with a sub-woofer. There is a link output for connection to similar powered cabinets or sub-woofers.
Power: 300 Watts RMS
Response: 50Hz- 20KHz
Dispersion: 120 x 60°
Spl: 122db
Dimensions: 385 x 596 x 348mm
Weight: 15.5Kg