Trantec S5.3 Rack n Ready Set Including Remote Kit

Code: TR-RACK53
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  • Up to 12 Simultaneous Channels of True Diversity Opeartion
  • USB Based Computer Monitoring
  • Simple Programming of Trnasmitters via Infra-Red
  • Credit Card Size Beltpack Transmitters
  • Single AA Transmitter Battery Life of Over 10 Hours
  • Professional Metal Enclosures on Both Transmitters & Receivers
  • 19" Professional Flight Case with Buil-In Antennae Distribution & Power Supply
  • Available in 3 System Sizes
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This is a high quality radio Mic set, it can be supplied in sets of 4,8 and 12 and any combination of hand-mics or belt packs can be supplied. It has 11MHz of bandwidth that will enable you to run up to 12 channels simultaneously. Also supplied is the remote kit which allows for antennas to be positioned away from the kit and closer to the transmitters for a better reception. This unique, compact, turnkey package will appeal to audio-visual, broadcast, churches, schools, theatres and hire stock applications.

Features Include:

• High quality, true diversity operation
• Up to 12 Simultaneous Channels
• Frequency scan facility
• USB based interactive computer monitoring
• Simple programming of transmitters via Infra-red
• Credit card size belt-pack transmitters
• Single AA operation of transmitters with battery life of over 10 hours
• Professional metal enclosures for both transmitter and receiver
• Antenna Distribution
• Built In Power Supply
• 19” Professional Flight Case

Carrier Frequency: 606-622 MHz Channel 38 and 39