Trantec S5.3 Hand Mic System

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  • True Diversity Operation
  • Up to 640 Selectable Channels
  • USB Based Computer Monitoring Frequency Scan Function
  • Simple Programming of Transmitter with Built-In Infra-Red Data Link
  • Frequency & Power Lock Function
  • Single AA Operation of Transmitters with Battery Life of Over 10 Hours
  • Integral Antenna
  • Clear & Intuitive LCD Display
  • Colour Coded ID Band
  • Professional Metal Enclosure
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Trantec S5.3 12 Channel UHF Microphone with hand Mic. This is a complete set ready to use.
This is part of new generation of UHF microphones with exceptional sound quality and flexible operating features including: High quality, true-diversity operation utilizing twin RF sections.

Features Include:

• Up to 12 systems can be used at one time
• A licence is required
• Supplied with hand-mic
• 35MHz bandwidth for true frequency flexibility
• USB based computer monitoring for all aspects of performance
• Integral triple tone grip/noise and signal strength mute circuit for protection against external interference
• Simple programming of transmitter with in-built Infra-red data link
• Single AA operation of transmitters with battery life of over 10 hours
• Clear and intuitive LCD displays on both transmitters and receivers
• Professional metal enclosures for both transmitters and receiver
• XLR & ¼”Jack outputs.

Carrier Frequency: 606-622MHz Channel 38 and 39
Range: 100m
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 46mm (Receiver)
50 x 247mm (Hand-mic)
Weight: 1.3Kg (Receiver)
380g (Hand-mic)