JTS US-903DC Pro Belt Pack UHF Radio Mic

Code: US-903B
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  • Pre-Set 4 Groups each of 16 UHF Channels
  • Diversity Technology Prevents Dropouts in the RF Link
  • LCD Indicates Channel Frequency, RF/AF Level
  • XLR Balanced and 6.3mm Unbalanced Outputs
  • Built-In Charger Holds 4 AA Batteries
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The JTS US-903DC Pro dual channel diversity receiver has 2 balanced and one unbalanced 6.35mm jack output. A built-in battery charger compartment can hold 4 AA batteries. This system includes two JTS belt packs and lapel microphones. This system transmits in channel 38 which is the most reliable solution for portable wireless microphone systems.

Carrier Frequency: 606.5-630MHz