Hill Audio QPA-2800 4 Channel Amplifier

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  • Class AB Technology Amplifier
  • Stereo, Parallel, Mono & Bridge Operation Modes
  • Dual Fan Cooling
  • 3 Colour LCD Display
  • Combo Input Socket
  • Front Detachable Air Vent Filter Frames
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The Hill Audio QPA-2800 four channel amplifier is aimed at permanent installation use thanks to is simple operation and phoenix connections on the rear. The QPA-2800 is based on the reliable and successful LPA series amplifiers but with more output channels. Speakers can be connected via screw terminals or 4-pole speakon connectors on the rear panel and each pair can be run in either stereo, bridged or parallel mono mode. Four combi-Jack/XLR input connections can be used to send signal to the amplifier or for a more permanent solution, Phoenix connections have also been supplied. A front facing 3 colour LCD display gives real time analysis and feedback of each channels status including temperature and output levels. Digitally controlled input high pass filters can also be set from the front panel while the built-in limiters take control of audio levels. Individual pots for each output channel can be adjusted by the user for quick volume changes if necessary and removable foam air filters are great for keeping on top of amplifier maintenance.

Mains Input: 220-250Vac, 50Hz
Power 4 Ohms: 450w (x4)
Power 8 Ohms: 280w (x4)
Power 2 Ohms: 700w (x4)
Bridged 4 Ohms: 1400w (x2)
Bridged 8 Ohms: 900w (x2)
Signal Input: Jack/XLR
Signal Output: Terminals/Speakon
Dimensions: 483 x 425 x 88.5mm
Weight: 24.3Kg