Cobra Padded 8 Piece Drum Set Bags

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  • 8 Piece Padded Drum Bag Set
  • 3 Tom Tom Bags
  • 1 Bass Drum Bag
  • 1 Snare Drum Bag
  • 1 Cymbal Bag
  • 1 Stick Bag
  • Hardware Bag
  • 10mm Foam Lining
  • Heavy Duty
£118.00 inc VAT

An 8 piece drum set bag kit to accommodate the most popular size of drums. This set includes kick drum, high tom, middle tom, floor tom, snare drum, sticks, cymbals and hardware bags. Each bag is made from heavy duty material with 10mm padding, double zip, a strong carry handle and rubber feet. A good alternative to hard cases without the added weight or cost. An affordable low cost set for all drummers that want to store and transport there kit.

Dimensions: Bass Drum: 660 Diameter x 460mm
Floor Tom: 460 Diameter x 425mm
Snare Drum: 420 Diameter x 185mm
Large Tom Tom: 370 Diameter x 290mm
Small Tom Tom: 355 Diameter x 255mm
Cymbal: Compartment 1: 565mm Diameter
Compartment 2: 430mm Diameter
Stick: 415 x 170 x 30mm
Hardware Bag: 310 x 310 x 830mm
Overall Weight: 4.4Kg