Behringer XL3200 Mixing Desk

Code: XL3200
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  • Ultra-Low Noise, High Headroom Analog Mixer for Live, Front of House, Monitor & Touring Audio Applications
  • 28 State of the Art XENYX Mic Pre-Amps & 4 Stereo Line Inputs with Ultra-High RFI Suppression Designed for Live Applications
  • Neo-Classic British 4 Band EQ's with 2 Semi-Parametric Mid Band for Warm & Musical Sound
  • 4 Subgroup Outputs with Inserts Plus 2 Independent Main Outputs with Inserts on Main A
  • 6 Aux Sneds Per Channel: 4 Pre/Post Fader Switchable for Flexible Routing
  • Channel Inserts & Direct Outputs on Each Mono Channel
£664.00 inc VAT

Behringers premium 32 input 4-Bus live mixing console with XENYX microphone preamps, the XL3200.

Loaded with 24 mono channels and four stereo inputs (with two 1/4" inputs apiece—an additional 8 line-level inputs) gives plenty of input options for live or recording purposes. Twinned with Behringers world famous XENYX Mic preamps, high quality audio is guaranteed.

But don't be fooled into thinking you need to have several degrees to operate the XL3200, Behringer have colour coded and laid everything out in an intuitive way which makes this mixing console great for any skill level.

The back panel of XL3200 mixer features an intuitive patch bay that gives the user tons of flexibility in configuring a live show. In the upper left corner you’ll find the main output section. There’s left and right XLR outputs for connecting to PA speakers, as well as dual 1/4" inserts for connecting a dynamics processor or equalizer to further tweak the main signal. The FX 1 and FX 2 1/4" outputs send signal to outboard effects processors. Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 XLR outputs send signal to monitors, and AUX 1 and AUX 2 XLR outputs can be used for either effects processors or monitors. Along the bottom of the back panel there are mono and stereo channel inserts. Mono channels feature both a 1/4" and XLR input, as well as an insert jack for applying outboard equipment and a direct out jack for sending signal to a device such as a multi-track recorder. Stereo channels feature a single XLR input and dual 1/4" inputs.

Along with all Behringer mixing consoles, the XL3200 features “British EQ” meaning great audio tonality can be achieved. This is the same for each channel so no compromises have to be made. British EQ’s distinct configuration of wider curves/lower Q and harmonic phase characteristics allows you to add or subtract EQ more generously than you can with conventional EQ circuit designs. When you add low midrange, you get a firmer sound instead of a nasty 'bonk'. When you back high frequencies off a bit, treble backs off just a hair instead of turning muffled.

Mic Inputs: 28
Line Inputs: 24
Dimensions:180 x 910 x 540mm
Weight: 14.9Kg