Studio Ribbon Microphone VRM-1100

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  • Studio Microphone
  • Figure Eight Characteristics
  • Suitable For Acoustic Instruments
  • Wide Dynamic Range
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Professional double ribbon studio microphone with figure of 8 pattern. 50 x 50mm Aluminium ribbon (2.5 micron thick). Ideal for recording acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras, e-guitars, drum overheads and choral groups. Particularly suitable for recording musical instruments with high SPL and large dynamic range. Balanced XLR output. Includes shock mount and padded wooden box.

Type: Ribbon
Frequency Range: 30 Hz – 15kHz (3 dB)
Polar pattern: Figure of 8
Sensitivity: -55 dB
Max SPL: 148 dB
Impedance: 600 Ohm
Power supply: N/A
Dimensions: 150 x 60 x 28mm
Weight: 500g