Cobra Desk Microphone Stand

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  • Folding Design
  • Includes Microphone Clip
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A well priced desk top microphone stand, suitable for conferences, bands and churches etc. Made from metal so will not break. The tripod legs fold for easy storage and transportation. Supplied with a microphone clip. The height is adjustable from 185-215mm.

Why Choose Cobra Stands?
Cobra stands have a longstanding reputation as an experienced, reliable & robust stand manufacturer for the stage and entertainment industry. We believe a stand should be well made, using high quality metal work and robust hardware to ensure complete stability and withstand the demands of everyday use; Whether that be at home, during a gig, out on the road or in a school environment. Using only the highest quality materials and components, the Cobra stand delivers outstanding results time after time. In fact we are so confident that we offer a 2 year guarantee on all of our stands.

There are many products within the range including music stands, mic stands, lighting ,speaker stands and many more!

- Robust Hardware and Fixings

- Strong and Durable Metal Work

- Incredibly Stable

- Long Working Life

- Foldable Designs

- Rubber Anti Slip Feet

- Easy Turn Knobs

- Professional Look for Life on the Road

- Some Models Completely Adjustable

- 2 Year Warranty

- Materials of REACH Standard

Height: 185-215mm
Weight: 1000g