Large Winch Stand 4.7 metre 200kg

Code: ALP3
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  • Heavy Duty Wind Up Stand
  • 4 Adjustable Legs
  • Winch with Automatic Brake
  • Max Load of 225Kg
£1278.00 inc VAT

Large telescopic stand that will rise to a maximum height of 4.7 metres and carry a maximum weight of 150kg. The stand is fitted with casters and folds for easy transportation. Adjustable legs provide excellent stability and can be adjusted to almost any angle, allowing the stand to be placed on any firm, but uneven surface. Top spigot accepts 35mm adaptors and bars.

Maximum Load: 150kg
Maximum Height: 4.7m
Minimum Height: 1.9m
Stand Weight: 68kg
Base Dimensions: 2.13m Max