Heavy Duty Wind-Up Lighting Stand 3 Metres

Code: PSS-023
Availability: Expected Soon
  • High Quality Winch Stand
  • Winch Loaded with Steel Rope
  • 3.1m Maximum Height
  • Supports a Maximum Load of 45Kg
£78.00 inc VAT

A heavy duty lighting stand rising to 4.1 metres. This is a well designed wind up stand that will support weights up to 85kg. Either a T-bar can be fitted to the top or a suitable truss adapter could be used. The user should always ensure that the stand is stable when in use. Use the extendable leg to take care of uneven surfaces. There is a foot rest to aid light positioning. The stand is easy to wind up and down. The safety pins add security when a suitable height is achieved.

Maximum Height: 3.1m
Minimium Height: 1.7m
Maximum Load: 45Kg
Tube Diameter: 36mm
Weight: 11Kg

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