Miniwash Moving Head & Cobra Bag Set

Code: ELP4
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  • 2 x Mini Wash Moving Head
  • Quad Colour LED's
  • Ideal for Mobile Work or Installation
  • Strong Padded Equipment Bag
  • Removable Internal Velcro Divider
  • Front Zip Up Storage Compartment
£188.00 inc VAT

Two Miniwash moving heads and a single padded Cobra carry case complete this kit and offer outstanding value for the mobile entertainer or hire company. The Miniwashes offer quad colour LEDs to create a varied colour spectrum and smooth panning and tilting suitable for installed use also.

This product contains the following items..
Mini Wash Moving Head
2 x Mini Wash Moving Head
Expected Soon
PADDED EQUIPMENT BAG 495 x 267 x 190
1 x Padded Equipment Bag 495 x 267 x 190mm
74 Expected 21/07/2017 00:00:00