JB Systems Dynaspot LED Moving Head

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  • Compact but Bright Moving Spot
  • 10w CREE LED
  • Separate Gobo Wheel with 6 Fixed Colours
  • Colour Wheel with 8 Colours
  • Multiple Working Modes
  • IR Remote Included
  • IEC Linking
£185.00 inc VAT
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A micro sized 10W CREE LED moving head from JB Systems is a must have piece of kit for the mobile DJ who wants to downsize their lighting rig but not compromise on output or quality. The Dynaspot is bursting full of features such as smooth 0-100% dimming including strobing effects, separate colour and gobo wheels that house 8 colours and 6 fixed gobos plus open, IR remote included, multiple different working modes and 3 different DMX channel modes! The Dynaspot also benefits from and enhanced default system which means different settings can be applied to the main operating software which is great for rental companies who don't want confused customers! These settings are optimised for PRO- Basic settings for DMX controllers , AUTO- Basic settings for easy master/slave and USER- Save and recall your favourite settings. The Dynaspot includes IEC power linking so multiple units can be joined together from one power source making it great for quick and hassle free installation projects. It's small size is also a great selling point for commercial applications that want a discreet lighting system that doesn't ruin the aesthetics of a venue. Weighing in at under 3Kg, the Dynaspot is easy to transport and carry in multiples in one of our Cobra padded cases.
Mains Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 37w
Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 200mm
Weight: 2.8Kg